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The long-term experience of working as a beautician has given us the knowledge of how to treat different skin types and different skin problems.

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Anne & Stiil favourite beauty product 2023
Chaga mushroom firming eye cream

Anne & Stiil favourite beauty product 2023 – Chaga mushroom firming eye cream

The cream smooths out fine wrinkles, reduces puffiness around the eyes.
The active ingredient is a 100% natural Chaga mushroom extract obtained using an innovative environmentally friendly technology: subcritical water extraction.


What our customers say

Kristel Tammin

I have used several different La Kreem products and felt how they have a wonderful effect on the skin – softening, moisturizing, healing. And knowing the exactingness, dedication and experience behind the development of LaKreem products, there is no doubt that if you are looking for a natural product, LaKreem is the right choice.

Kristel Tammin

Web designer and marketer

Eva Miller

Having been a beautician for over 20 years and having experienced various eye creams, I would say that LaKreem product is now the honor and pride of Estonia. The texture of the cream and the purity of the product’s active ingredients is something that even many long-term manufacturers could learn from.

Eva Miller


Kris Evan

Since I was 15 I have been fighting with atopic dermatitis. Having tried various creams, I was finally forced to use hormonal drugs for several years in a row. LaKreem was recommended to me by my partner, so I decided to take a risk and try it. I am extremely grateful because I can leave the prescription cremes at the pharmacy and have reached a complete healing of my skin with a daily home facial routine. I also really like the design of the products – it is perfect for men’s bathrooms.

Kris Evan

Music producer, DJ, artist & musician

Greta Korju

I have had the good opportunity to be a tester in the creation process of the Chaga-series, so I have been able to test the products for a long time. I can confidently recommend them – these are really worthwhile products! Compared to other natural brands on the market, the composition is really pure and carefully selected. My dry and sensitive skin has noticeably brightened! A personal favourite, no question!

Greta Korju

Professional dancer & make-up artist

Effective Estonian natural cosmetics


LaKreem is a joint forces, passion and creation of two long-time beauticians - Margit and Laivi. LaKreem was born from the desire to offer our customers effective natural cosmetics, where performance should not be compromised. In all products, as much as possible, raw materials from Estonian nature are used.

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