About us

About us


To begin with, we would like to share the feedback of a lovely customer of our beauty salon Rosita:

“When I first tried the cream you made, I had a surprisingly great experience – what a smell, what a texture, what a feeling on the skin. I was even shocked that how something as simple as applying face cream can be such a great experience? But it can! Do you still know how many good things are you doing?”

What could be a better feeling than when our actions matter to someone and offer positive experiences! It is especially nice that we ourselves really enjoy what we do. We believe in our creations and use our products on a daily basis. And words of appreciation and good results give the inspiration to create an even better products.

Our main work is the profession of beautician – for Margit since 1995 (in addition, medical nurse education) and for Laivi since 1997.

The long-term experience of working as a beautician has given us the knowledge of how to treat different skin types and different skin problems. We have tried quite a few different series and cosmetic products both on ourselves and on our clients. We have studied the ingredients and based on this we have developed our own knowledge and desires that we expect from the ideal cosmetic product. We appreciate very good quality, pure natural products and certainly a good result. The need to offer only the best to our customers gave us the opportunity to learn and start making creams by ourselves.

Margit started producing cosmetics in 2016 and Laivi in 2021. 2022. At the beginning of the year 2022, we felt that the time had come to create our own cosmetics brand – LaKreem.

Why is it called LaKreem? This was the first name that immediately came to us, and although we searched and considered other options, we still decided to trust the first feeling.

We also found quickly very beautiful and wonderful quality glass bottles and jars in which we package our products. This beautiful black packaging also provided a great inspiration for the development of our products. We decided that all of our series would have a “black” main character – Chaga mushroom. Our first very effective and enjoyable series is Chaga mushroom products and we have a long list waiting of what else to produce. We are also excited to see how long of a necklace we can create from these black pearls.

All our products are made by hand, and as much as possible, we want to use Estonian nature in our products.

We are very grateful to our current and also new customers who trust us, use our products and share their feedback. We want all our customers to have positive experiences with our products and to take the time to notice and enjoy them! For our part, we promise that everything we offer is made using the best knowledge, the highest quality ingredients and lots of love!

Laivi & Margit

LaKreem is a joint forces, passion and creation of two long-time beauticians - Margit and Laivi. LaKreem was born from the desire to offer our customers effective natural cosmetics, where performance should not be compromised. In all products, as much as possible, raw materials from Estonian nature are used.

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We welcome you to our beauty salon to check out and purchase our products and also to get a consultation if necessary.