At home skin care

At home skin care

For the first blog post, we chose the topic of home skin care.

First, because it is one of the most frequent questions for beauticians, and secondly, it helps introduce the use of our products.

The most important thing, of course, is to clean your skin every day. In the morning, wash your face with water, then use facial tonic or flower water or hydrolate. The tonic helps to clean the skin from the residues excreted at night, and the tonic also balances the PH of the skin (except exfoliating, acidic tonic). If your skin cannot tolerate tap water, you can only use tonic or flower water. In the evening, apply cleansing milk to damp skin, massage the face with wet hands for 1-5 minutes, then rinse the face with water and clean the skin with tonic or floral water. We also recommend exfoliating the skin once a week to remove dead skin cells. The skin becomes fresh and all skin care products penetrate the skin better.

We have created our products according to a specific system, so that they help meet the needs of the skin every day.

You must have noticed that even if you know your skin type, some days the skin seems oilier, another day drier, some days the skin is bright and fresh, the other day tired and dull. Seasons also play a big role, because in warm weather the skin needs more hydration, in cold weather, fattier creams.

How many different creams do you need? Ideally, in addition to cleaning products, we recommend choosing 3 products from one series – face cream, serum and hydrolat or flower water. You can also use the hydrolat as a cleaning product.

In our products, the products of the same series all have similar compositions and complement each other.

The composition of the face cream contains the hydrolat of the same series and the same oils as the serum, which is why they are very suitable for use together. The serum can make the cream thicker if the skin feels drier, the hydrolat can make the cream lighter again. There are several options for using:

  • 🖤 only cream (can be applied thinner or thicker according to the needs of the skin)
  • 🖤 only serum
  • 🖤 hydrolat is sometimes also suitable as a nighttime skin product, it allows the skin to breathe, but still nourishes and moisturizes (for example in hot summer time)
  • 🖤a mixture of serum and cream, mixed together on the palm of the hand, or you can apply serum first and then cream
  • 🖤 the cream-hydrolate mixture can also be pre-mixed on the palm of the hand or first apply the hydrolate and then immediately apply the cream to damp skin. The skin can also be refreshed with the hydrolate during the day if necessary
  • 🖤a particularly rich version, i.e. a mixture of 3 products. First apply serum, then cream and finally spray more hydrolate. Or first spray hydrolate and then apply cream-serum mixture

If you have these 3 products, you can choose a combination suitable for the skin’s needs or the weather every day.

Long story short:

  • 🖤 for facial skin cleansing – cleansing milk, tonic or hydrolat and exfoliating mask
  • 🖤 facial skin nourishment – face cream, serum, hydrolat

You need 5 products for ideal home equipment and 2 products for minimal care or to start with – face cream and hydrolat.

Also visit a beautician regularly, because salon products have more effective ingredients and help to stimulate the skin, and facial massage also helps to firm the skin and stimulate blood- and lymph circulation.

In addition to external skin care, your lifestyle is very important – a healthy diet, enough sleep, drinking enough clean water, being in the fresh air and releasing stress.

If you have any questions about your facial skin care or our products, feel free to send your question to:

We will respond as soon as possible, and we are also grateful for feedback if you have used our products!

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