Facial treatment with LaKreem products

Facial treatment with LaKreem products

What is the best way to get to know LaKreem beauty products? Well. we are offering you a great way to get to know us –Facial treatment with LaKreem products!

In this treatment, we use our 100% natural handmade products. Nice feeling and relaxation is guaranteed. In addition, you have an excellent opportunity to get personal consultation straught from the source and from the manufacturer of the products. Feel free to ask all the questions you have, give feedback and make suggestions. We are also welcoming all the existing customers and people who are already familiar with our products. We can also offer the samples of our coming soon products. Feedback is very important to us, it is the best way to make the greatest products.

What does our facial treatment consist of?

The facial skin is first cleansed with our cleansing emulsion, followed by an exfoliating mask containing chaga powder and AHA acids (fruit acids). Followed by toning with LaKreem hydrolate. After such a proper cleaning, the beautician can also see the condition of the client’s skin and can share future recommendations for both home and salon treatments. Facial massage is definitely one of the main reasons why you visit a beautician, and we do our facial massages with a special skin-nourishing vitamin oil mixture. According to the skin type, a suitable mask is chosen for the client, which would soothe, nourish or moisturize the skin. Finally, the serum, eye cream and face cream come to the face. The customer can feel the “smell therapy”, texture and feeling of the products on their facial skin. You also get
the best consultation, in what order and how exactly to use our products to achieve the expected result. We have one more unique opportunity! If there is no suitable product for the customer among the products we offer, or if the customer has an allergy to some of the ingredients, for example citrus, we will make a special product for him, taking into account the special needs of his skin.

If you want facial care, write to us at info@lakreem.eu or buy this service in our e-store – Facial treatment with LaKreem products.

If you don’t want facial care, but you still want a consultation about the products, you can come to our office – Vesivärava 50, Tallinn. (Rosita beauty salon, 2 floor.) All our products are available with testers on site, you can touch and smell them. We are also happy to offer a consultation, but we cannot promise that it is possible at any time if we are doing, for example, facial treatments at the same time. We recommend that you arrange a suitable time in advance.

We hope that all those interested in LaKreem products will find a suitable option for choosing the right products. The best option is definitely to come for a facial, feel all the products that suit you on your skin and get a consultation from the product manufacturer!

Our e-shop is the fastest and most convenient way to purchase products remotely. If you have questions or wish to give feedback, you can write to info@lakreem.eu.

LaKreem is a joint forces, passion and creation of two long-time beauticians - Margit and Laivi. LaKreem was born from the desire to offer our customers effective natural cosmetics, where performance should not be compromised. In all products, as much as possible, raw materials from Estonian nature are used.

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We welcome you to our beauty salon to check out and purchase our products and also to get a consultation if necessary.